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Tanya and Callum Wedding

Bride and groom dipping on the dancefloor

About Tanya & Callum

The first time Tanya and Callum met was, of all places, on the train coming home from work and they didn’t speak a word to each other. Callum noticed Tanya’s personal training company logo on her jacket and realised that his PT worked for the same company! During his next PT session, Callum asked his trainer about Tanya. The trainer played matchmaker and the rest is history!

They’re both polar opposites. Callum is an introvert and is more than happy chilling at home reading or watching TV. Tanya is a massive extrovert and is more than happy dragging Callum out of the house to do things. Tanya doesn’t drink often but, when she does, the best word to describe it would be “determined.” Tanya is a stereotypical Scorpio, as she’s fiery and impulsive. Callum is a typical Libra, as he doesn’t believe in star signs.

One thing is definitely certain: these two are a match made in heaven and make an incredible couple!