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Raina and Brodie Wedding

A bride and groom entering a room smiling with an audience standing up

About Raina & Brodie

Raina and Brodie first met back in primary school through Raina’s friend and Brodie’s sister, Deanna. They started dating when 21, however the first time they organised to go on a date they actually never went! Why? Because Brodie spent hours at the gym getting his muscles “pumped”, then went to the barber and got a haircut, bought a new outfit, then went home and shaved his whole body when they had only planned to go out for coffee!

On the next “first” date, Brodie took Raina to a nice restaurant where Brodie was chivalrous and ordered for Raina. Later in their relationship, they went to the snow to go snowboarding. Raina’s first time on a bigger run Brodie’s words of encouragement were: “You just gotta send it.” The result? A one-way trip to the hospital with a broken arm!

Despite the accident, it was NO accident Raina and Brodie found each other and can’t wait to start a family together.