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Corporate & Special Events

Professional hosting and event management that delivers the perfect balance of experience, poise, and humour to ensure critical event success


Key To Success: The MC

It almost goes without saying that every large event - may it be a conference, awards night, corporate event, charity dinner, or any special interest event - needs a Master of Ceremonies to ensure its success.​

Why? The role of a Master of Ceremonies is, primarily, to pull all of the elements of a large-scale event and make sure they blend successfully. As the face of the event they represent and embody the very essence of the evening and the brands/guests present.​

How do they achieve this? By masterfully (pun intended) using the power of the microphone and stage presence to achieve three critical objectives:


Keep every moving piece (vendors, guests, staff) on time, without fail


Create an engaging, appropriate, and energetic atmosphere


Provide top-tier live entertainment to create lasting event success


Book With Confidence, Celebrate With Style

You expect nothing but the best and everything taken care of in a timely, professional manner.

Most importantly, you want everyone to have an amazing time and for your event to pay dividends on all the hardwork and reputation that rides on it.​

I am keenly aware of the complexity of live corporate events and what it takes to make them successful.

I pride myself on ensuring every single Guest and stakeholder truly feels a part of the experience. That is the true "secret sauce" of event success and I've built a career on it!

So why am I the perfect choice for your next event?

My unique experience and success onstage both locally and internationally, along with a genuine passion for delivering signature live entertainment, is a killer combo that never fails to impress and produce results that exceed the brief, every time.

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4 people, 1 holding a red award in front of a red and white backdrop

UOW Pulse Awards Night 2022


Gotcha4Life Charity Race Day 2021